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Nicole Horgan

  Nicole Horgan was born Nicole Kreminski in Springdale, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, in 1972.  From a young age she had an innate curiosity about the natural world.  She entered university with the expectation of studying Biology, but soon received encouragement from her art instructors to pursue oil painting as a vocation.

After graduating with honors from the fine arts program at the Pennsylvania State University, she continued on to earn a master’s degree in fine art from Boston University.  After spending nearly 10 years as an art educator, she founded with her husband, Greg, Four Robins Ltd, a partnership that has been selected to exhibit in some of the most prestigious exhibitions of decorative arts in the United States.  She is also co-founder of Twin Saints Leather, a successful retail leather gift business of which she is artistic director.  

As an artist, Nicole continues to be inspired by the natural world, patterns, and the ways “light creates unconventional landscapes in close observation.”

Greg Horgan

  Drawing on his mechanical aptitude and attention to detail, Greg Horgan spent many years in the marketing of industrial products.  As a young man, guided by interest in religion and society, he studied Cultural Anthropology at Franklin and Marshall College, and later, continued his studies in Art and Art History at the University of Pittsburgh.

“I’m a person guided by my obsessions, the things that fascinate me, and hold my attention.  Four Robins allows me to make that my life.  We make physical things, which is important to me, but there is a big digital component.  We make art about religion, about history, but there is the commercial component.  For me, it is about living in both worlds.  Yesterday and Today, Practical and fanciful.”